MKR-100 Cover.png


In December of 2016, my friend John Koobatian and myself set out to craft a cirriculum guide focused around not a specific discipline, but a way of thinking: the maker mindset. Through three months of research, interviews, ideation workshops, and wonderfully exhaustive conversation, we created MKR-100. A distillation of our vision of the maker mindset combined with how we believe this mindset can best be taught, MKR-100, or "maker 100," is meant to be the first step for any librarian, teacher, student, or parent who is at all interested in bringing the concepts of problem solving and making to the world of eduction. We are delighted to offer this guide for public use under a creative commons licesnse and encourage you to read and share our project with all who display interest. We believe that making is part of the future of education and hope that you will come to agree.


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